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Prior School Year Financials

Budget SY 2018-2019


2018-2019 SY Financials

Monthly Treasurers Report (12/31/18)

Monthly Treasurers Report (11/30/18)

Monthly Treasurers Report (10/31/18)

Monthly Treasurers Report (9/30/18)

Monthly Treasurers Report (8/31/18)

Monthly Treasurers Report (7/31/18)



Check Requests

To request payment of an invoice or reimbursement for expenses, complete the Check Request Form (copies also available in the PTO Box) and submit the form plus the vendor invoice or supporting receipts to the Treasurer. Documentation can be placed in the PTO Box in the office or can be emailed to pinktertontreasurer@gmail.com. All check requests must be submitted to the Treasurer within fourteen (14) days of initial expense to be eligible for reimbursement.



Due to its tax-exempt status, the PTO does not pay or reimburse for sales tax. The Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification (copies also available in the PTO Box) can be provided to any vendor as proof of the PTO’s exemption.



Deposits of Cash or Checks:

All deposits of cash or checks must be submitted to the Assistant Treasurer along with the PTO Sales Deposit Form (copies also available in the PTO Box). Two PTO members, one of which must be the Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer, must count all cash and checks and sign the form. Please see the detailed PTO Deposit Procedures that must be followed.



Cash Box and Credit Card Swipers:

The Treasurer can provide a cash box and credit card swipers for school events where sales will be conducted. Complete the Check Request Form for the cash box, detailing the amount and denominations requested. Please provide at least 48 hours’ notice.



Forms and SKUs:

The Assistant Treasurer is responsible for creating or modifying Forms or SKUs for online sales and can be contacted at pinkertontreasurer@gmail.com. This is to ensure the correct setup and revenue tracking for online sales in the accounting system.




An independent review of the books and records of the PTO is conducted annually using the Financial Review Checklist. The most recent financial review can be found here.



PTO Mail Box:

Check requests, checks for deposits, or other items may be left in the PTO Box in the front office by placing the item in a sealed envelope addressed to the PTO Treasurer. Please also follow this up with an email to pinktertontreasurer@gmail.com noting what you have placed in the box for the Treasurer.



Other Documents and Forms:

PTO Bylaws

Donation Receipt



For additional questions, please contact Jennifer Dempsey (Treasurer) or Jeanne Ma (Assistant Treasurer) at pinkertontreasurer@gmail.com.

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