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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of common questions.  We are here to help!  If you have more questions or think one needs to be added here, please email: pinkertonpto@gmail.com.


WHAT IS SPIRIT DAY? School colors are red, white and black and our mascot is the Cowpoke! Every Friday is SPIRIT DAY.   Every Friday students are encouraged to wear a Pinkerton t-shirt to show their Pinkerton Spirit!


HOW DO WE STAY CONNECTED AND INFORMED? Pinkerton school information is distributed to the entire school every week on Fridays via:  Cowpoke Connection newsletter. Class or Grade specific information will also be sent out via classroom folders and emails from your teachers and room parents.  This year we are adding Membership Toolkit to improve communications.  You will be invited to join on our website by your students teachers and any other special organizations you may join.  Our website will be the tool for school wide, grade wide and classroom communications, the calendar and volunteer sign ups.  Make sure you have added your family information here so we can send you our newsletter!


WHAT AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE? There are after school programs at Pinkerton.  The YMCA offers day care after school at Pinkerton. We also have several clubs that meet regularly once a week. Make sure to check out the links on our After School Programs page.


HOW DO I GET INVOLVED AT PINKERTON? Pinkerton has a very active PTO and we welcome your involvement in any way.  Volunteer opportunities can be found here. PTO meetings are open to all Pinky families.  All parents are members of the PTO.  These meetings are a great way to learn more about what is going on and ways to get involved.  Questions or comments?  Email us at pinkertonpto@gmail.com.  We also have an AWESOME Dads Club that helps throughout the year.  Dads can sign up through the Volunteer Opportunities on this site.  More information on the Dads Club can be found here.


WHAT ARE SPIRIT NIGHTS? Several restaurants in our community partner with us throughout the year to give back to our school.  These nights are advertised in the school newsletter and calendar.  It is a great way to see some Pinkerton families, take a night off from cooking and help raise money for Pinkerton.  A certain percentage of sales that night will go back to our school.


WHEN DO REPORT CARDS GO OUT?  Report cards are handed out every nine weeks. 


WHAT ARE NINE WEEK ASSEMBLIES?  The school celebrates Global Citizens, student attendance, student accomplishments and more every nine weeks. The assemblies occur on Fridays.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Dates are posted on the school website and PTO calendar.


WHAT ARE THE LUNCH PROCEDURES?  Make sure to sign in at the office and make sure to leave yourself time to do so (we have to have record of your visit).  The teachers usually prefer that you wait a couple of weeks to visit for lunch at the beginning of school. 


WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE A SICK CHILD?  Sick notes must be turned in within 5 days of an absence and the child must be fever, vomit and diarrhea free for 24 hours upon returning.


WHERE DOES OUR FUNDRAISING MONEY GO?  The PTO raises money on behalf of Pinkerton.  We give 100% of the funds back to the school. Did you know that the PTO gave over $36,000 to Pinkerton this year alone? Write A Check, two Book Fairs, Pinky Hustle, Box Tops and the Amazon portal were all ways that we raised funds for our school. These funds supported the Spanish program at Pinkerton, technology, Pinkerton library, teacher start up funds and we are also putting a portion of these funds towards the Garden and outdoor classroom, IB training for staff, and potentially an art kiln.  


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