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Pinkerton Write-a-Check Annual Campaign

OCTOBER 2-17, 2017


Thank you Pinky families! 


Your 2017 donations will be given back to Pinkerton to use for enrichment items, such as iPad/laptop replacements, Spanish, art, music, and PE equipment and resources, STEM software for classrooms and other Maker Lab resources for the library, as well as other items needed to support and enhance the IB program.



Please contact Karin Schwob for more regarding the WAC Annual Campaign.






2017 Goal






What is Write-A-Check?

Write-A-Check is our annual fundraising "Ask" for Pinkerton families to support specific initiatives at our school. Every dollar is used to maintain Pinkerton’s excellent educational standards. 


Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Donors giving less than $250 will use their e-mail confirmation as the receipt. Donors of $250+ will receive a written, IRS-required, acknowledgement.


Remember to ask your employer’s Human Resources department about matching gift programs.


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